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We Sell and Supply Security Equipment

Security Equipment to your specifications.

Candid Security is Nigeria’s leading security equipment wholesaler and supplier. Visit our shop or Get in touch with us to get a custom quote. 

We have extensive hands-on experience in scoping, specification, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of indoor and outdoor safety and security equipment. We can customize a system to meet your project and security goals – helping you maximize efficiency, minimize cost and ensure a solution that is precisely tailored to your facility’s needs.

We can supply and install the following;


To ensure high level of security at public places where football is quite heavy, one of the important security gadget that is selected is X-ray Baggage Scanner which is used for detection of in-wanted  objects or substances hidden inside carry Bags etc These machines are manufactured in different tunnel sizes to suit the requirement.


A Door Frame Metal Detector(DFMD) which is also called Walk Through Metal Detector Is a door which is designed and fabricated to detect any metal hidden on the body of a person passing through it. DFMDs are manufactured in single zones or in multi zones. Difference between the two is that in single zone display is provided at the top at one place where LED according to sensitivity levels are fitted. These LEDs glow according to the size of metal being carried through it.


Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD) is most common security gadget used for General Frisking or Pilferage Check. For general frisking models with rechargeable batteries and charger are preferred For pilferage check HHMDs are manufactured to detect pilferage of small metals like nuts or bolts The most sensitive model manufactured have sensitivity of staple pin that is metal as small as staple pin can be detected so far as general frisking is concerned it is done by almost touching the body of a person to find out whether any metal has been hidden.


This security gadget is manufactured to inspect undercarriage of any vehicle it is mounted on a trolley and a light is provided on the extendable handle to facilitate inspection. As the vehicle shows up at the designated spot and rolls over the imaging unit, the cameras catch pictures of the underside and send them to the control unit which shows them on a screen. The control unit and screen can be situated outside in closeness to the designated spot or inside the guardhouse.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system in which all elements from the cameras to the recording apparatuses are directly connected in order to keep the motion viewing record from being sent far and wide over public air-waves and on a shut way taken by electric current ( for this reason the name ). CCTV was first used by the Germans to make observations of the get started of the goes over-quick. Since then, it has become into the in great detail, wide range safety camera technology we have knowledge of and use it as today. From public buildings to private offices, and from private houses to country clubs, with an overall view placed, safety cameras are used to view events as they take place, as well in connection with take part for looking at a later time. 


Electronic Article Surveillance) A security system for putting a stop to taking of property without right to do trade with general public stores that uses and put to side names on computer records and so on loose ends or reusable hard loose ends made joined to the goods to be traded. A danger sign is put into motion when walking through a small stage at the store way out if a use and put to side tag was not deactivated or a reusable tag was not taken away at the check-out bit for recording points. Also named “single bit RFID tags” because the tag at is either on or off, the first EAS technologies are radio number of times every unit time (RF), acoustic-magnetic (AM) and electromagnetic (EM).