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Manned Guarding Services

Manned guarding is a highly effective way of eliminating criminal damage and theft, making it one of the most proactive security measures that you can take against crime. It is a security service that involves placing security guards at your premises, usually out of hours but sometimes when staff are still present. The complex business environment of today demands a dynamic approach to security for the business to succeed and operate profitably. A number of security risks will challenge the path to success for many businesses, as new and morphing threat pervades our society. Where threats to marketing function and long term objectives exist, there exists a need for a best in class security solutions partner, to help support the acquisition of target market objectives with a robust mitigation program. The modern business practice is to see security as an enabler of business and source of competitive advantage. To this end, security input and advice is usually elicited from planning to implementation Our specialty is not limited to the following services: Our Unique Selling Points (USP);
  • Standardized security planning and deployment
  • Cost-saving from bulk negotiations with one service provider
  • Best-in-class security input in marketing initiatives
  • Value innovation, leading to huge possibilities of cost reduction
  • Regional Security Coverage
  • Possibility of tapping into experience garnered over the years across market sectors
  • Unparallel market Security expertise and coverage
  • Enhanced security coverage and systems

Categories of Manned Guarding Services

Frontier GUARDS

This personel is a graduate with four years of experience in guarding services.

Physical Specifications:  

  • Height: 5.9 ft. and above tall for men. 5.7ft. and above for women.

Suitable work locations: 

  • Corporate Head office of banks 
  • Top brand companies, 
  • Oil and Gas sector head office 
  • Hospitality industries head office 
  • Embassies and consular. etc.

Ability to speak good English, excellent report writing skills with attention to details, analytical minded, problem-solving skills, client and business-centric attitude, ability to use initiative, self-driven and self-motivated, with an “I can do” spirit, versatile, team player with an ability to multitask. Good knowledge of conducting investigations.

Dress Code: Suits

Guard Level: Supervisor


  • Customer service expert. Can perform all advanced security roles such as, control room operation, CCTV surveillance and monitoring, emergency coordination, firefighting and other electronic gadgets.
  • Good reporting skills; keeps in touch with control on security situation, reports, Can design security procedures that guide against waste, theft, subversion, and espionage, will liaise with the law enforcement agencies, gather and process security intelligence reports.
  • Can effectively incident security reports on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, can address enterprise-level security risk.